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Art Deco

Hall of Fame

State of the Art


Below is highlights from our stallions showing and offspring records. If you would like to see an individuals info or that of their offspring click above names to go to their bookmark on this page.


 ART DECO 1988

Wins at training through first level, with scores to 76.3%

Three high score championships

Ribbons in both eventing and working hunters.

Ribbons at breed shows


Wins at second through third level dressage.

Qualified for both AHSA and BLM National Championships

Grand champion and Reserve championships in breeding divisions

USDF ALL BREED AWARDS: 2nd and 3rd at second and third level dressage for Dutch Warmbloods, 1st and 2nd at second and third level for Pinto Horse Asso.


11 Wins at forth level and Prix St. Georges.

5 High score championships at fourth level and Prix St. Georges.

Scores to 70.9% at FEI levels

Qualified for both AHSA and BLM National Championships.

USDF ALL BREED AWARDS: 3rd place fourth level dressage Dutch Warmbloods, 1st fourth level Pinto Horse Association.

Top twenty five USDF fourth level Horse of The Year Awards.

10th AHSA Championships fourth level dressage.


Shown lightly due to heavy breeding schedule.

Wins at Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I.

Ribbons in breeding divisions.


Top ribbons at Prix St. Georges and Intermediate.

High score Championships.

Qualified for both Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I for AHSA and BLM championships.

1st Get of Sire UPPERVILLE Colt and Horse Show.

1st Get of Sire Dressage at Lexington

1st Get and Sire Dressage at Lexington.

Many top ribbons for breeding classes: Devon, Lexington, Raleigh.


Top ribbons at Intermediate II

Qualified for AHSA and BLM champions

USDF ALL BREED AWARDS: 3rd place Intermediate II for Dutch Warmblood, 2nd place Inter. II American WB. And Pinto Horse Association.

Approved Oldenburg and International Sporthorse Reg. Received star award for Performance.


Won 4 Grand Prixs with scores into the 60%

High Score Champion Grand Prix Dressage at Lexington

High Score Champion Grand Prix Dressage at Culpepper

Qualified for Championships and Dressage at Devon at both Inter. II & Grand Prix

Received star award from Oldenburg and ISR for producing Premium foals

ART DECO 1995-2000

Limited showing due to change of trainers

Qualified Grand Prix American Horse Show Assoc. championships

Qualified Grand Prix BLM championships

High Score Champion Grand Prix Morven Park Dressage

Received star award from Oldenburg and ISR for accomplishments of offspring

ART DECO showed at the FEI levels with Kathy Whitehouse. 1998 2nd Vintage Cup USDF and 2nd American Warmblood USDF

ART DECO showed at FEI levels with James Houston at USDF shows placing in the top 2



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Breed shows 1990-1992: Grand Champion Colt, Dressage at Lexington. Placed in the top two at:Dressage at Lexington, Dressage at Devon, Upperville, Warrenton, Sussex, Maryland Horse and Pony Show, Howard County, Raleigh and Culpeper.

1st 3 year old colts and geldings undersaddle, Dressage at Lexington.

1st 3 year old colts and geldings undersaddle, Raleigh 1993

1st 4 year old and older stallions inhand, Dressage at Lexington

1st Stallions undersaddle, Dressage at Lexington.

Winning training level dressage with scores over 70%

Winner of qualifying class for BLM championships with 72%, 35 entries in class.

High Score Champion

Top ribbons in Hunters and Jumpers.

Highest scoring stallion Oldenburg inspections, Hill Top Farm (12 entries)

Completed and passed 100 day testing, placed 3rd for Oldenburgs (11 entries)

Life time approval Oldenburg Verban and International Sporthorse Registry. 1994

1st Training level T.4 Florida North

1st Training level T. 3 Florida North

1st Stallions undersaddle, Royal Dressage Festival

Reserve Grand Champion - High Score of Show Florida North

1st first level T. 3 BLM Qualifying 69% PVDA

Reserve Grand Champion - High Score 1st. level

Many wins and High Scores training - first level dressage with scores into the 70%

1st 4yr and older stallions, Dressage at Lexington

1st suitable to become a dressage horse, Dressage at Lexington

Grand Champion Stallion, Dressage at Lexington

Grand Champion mature horse, Dressage at Lexington

Reserve Grand Champion of show, Dressage at Lexington

1st stallions undersaddle, PVDA

1st suitable to become a dressage horse, PVDA 1995

Limited showing due to change of trainers

Winter/spring 1994-95 shown in the indoor New Jersey “A” hunter circuit by Robert Beck, in green conformation hunters and first year working: Grand or Reserve Champion every time out.

Won first time out at Second level dressage and qualified for championships.

Hall of Fame’s first foal crops are now winning and pinning on the line: Gold Card-1st Royal Dressage Festival, 1st Howard County, 3rd Dressage at Lexington, premium rated ISR. Grand Champion Dressage at Devon: American Warmblood. 1st undersaddle 3yr. colt and geldings Dressage at Lexington. 1st 3yr and up colts and geldings undersaddle PVDA. Gold Card was 2nd at 1st level for ISR in the USDF year end awards and he is currently showing and winning at 3rd level and won the ISR all breed awards for that level.  Hallmark-2nd Upperville Horse show. 2nd Dressage at Lexington, 4th Dressage at Devon -Sport Horses of Color. We be Famous winner of 1yr non TB Devon. Winner of Virginia hunter breeding futurity Hall of Fame has had numerous premium foals for both ISR and Oldenburg.


Limited showing due to change of trainers

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See above for Hall of Fame

1993 Inspections: Art Deco had 4 premium foals Oldenburg/ISR. 1st place champion North America Aux. foal premium Dutch inspections. 1st Place North America champion filly Oldenburg. 1 premium mare ISR/Oldenburg. 1 Approved stallion son, 1994 ISR/Oldenburg. 1995 - 1997 One of the top producers of premium foals for Oldenburg/ISR, 1998-2000 Numerous Approved/licensed sons with Old Verband, RPSI and one in Germany with ZFDP color division.  Top producer of Premium mares with ISR/OLD N.A.

HARLEQUIN: 1st VADA/NOVA fillies of ‘89, Reserve Grand Champion. Placed Devon ‘89, 2nd Dressage at Lexington ‘90. Premium mare Oldenburg/ISR ‘93-produced 8.5 premium colt.

HIGHLIGHT: 1st VADA/NOVA colts of ‘89.

IN VOGUE: 1st. Premium ‘92 Dutch Kuering-2nd place in North America all Aux. ‘92 foals. 4th Dressage at Devon ‘90 & ‘92. 2nd Upperville ‘90 & ‘92. 1st Dressage at Lexington-Grand Champion filly, Reserve Champion young horse ‘92. Numerous other ribbons for undersaddle classes and breed shows-consistently in top 3.

INFINITY: 1st. Dressage at Lexington ‘91. 2nd Warrenton ‘91. 2nd Upperville ‘92. 1st Maryland Horse and Pony show-Grand Champion of show. Placed Devon ‘90. Currently showing training and first level dressage with many wins and championships.

JUST ENOUGH: 1st. Howard Co.-Sporthorse division, 1st Hunter division. 2nd Maryland Horse and Pony Show ‘91. 2nd PVDA 3yr. Colts/geldings 94 PVDA Currently showing in the “A” rated first year working hunters, many wins and championships.

JACINTH JEM: 1st Howard Co. Sport Horse Division. 1st PVDA Dressage breed show-Grand Champion of show. ‘92. 4th Dressage at Devon ‘91. 2nd Dressage at Devon ‘93.

COLOR GUARD: 1st Warrenton Horse Show ‘92. Reserve Grand Champion, hunters Palm Beach. Currently showing “A” hunters with year end championships.

J. PORCELAIN DOLL: 1st Texas Dressage Breed Show-Grand Champion of show ‘92. 1st Texas Dressage breed show-Grand Champion filly, Reserve Champion of show ‘93.

KNIGHTMARE; 1st Raleigh Dressage breed show, fillies of ‘92. 5th Dressage at Devon ‘92. 3rd International Hunter Futurity Challengers Series. 2nd Dressage at Devon SHC class ‘93.

KRISTMAS KNIGHT: 1st premium Dutch inspections top ten in North America.

KALOGE: Winner and Champion of many Pinto Horse Assoc. Shows 1st Dressage at Devon SHC class.

KODACHROME: 1st Royal Dressage Festival ‘93. 2nd & 8th Dressage at Devon ‘93.

KOSMIC ART: 1st & 5th Dressage at Devon ‘93.

DECORUM: 1st Warrenton Horse Show colts of ‘93.

AFTER GLOW: Grand Champion filly Oldenburg foal Championships ‘93. Premium filly-8.5.

KWEENS KOLORS: 1st 1995 Royal Dressage Festival 3yr. Fillies. 6th Dressage at Devon fillies of ‘92. 4th Royal Dressage Festival & Lexington 94 .

KALEIDOSCOPE: 2nd New Jersey Breeders Futurity.

ARTIST: 1st Dressage at Lexington colts of 1994, Reserve Grand Champion young horse. 1st PVDA colts and geldings of 1994.

KALLIGRAPHY: 1st and Grand Champion 2yr. Colts/geldings West Coast Sporthorse Classic, Grand Champion American Warmblood.

CLASSIC ART: Many wins and championships on the line including: Lexington, PVDA, Devon, and Royal Dressage Festival. Awarded Premium mare status 7.4 Oldenburg/ISR.

GRAPHIC ART: Many wins and championships in both novice level eventing and training and first level dressage.

LETTER PERFECT: Winner of both the non TB class Devon and Pennsylvania bred class at Devon. Many wins on the line in hunters, currently ranked 2nd in nation for 2yr hunters and 1st place for zone 2.

4 yr. gelding owned by Mary Jane Rivers: Many wins at training and first level dressage including High Score Champion at Dressage at Raleigh CDIW with a 74% at first level.

2000 Art Deco is ranked in the top 10 (7th) USDF for ALL Dutch WB stallions for producing USDF ranked dressage offspring.  Many other foals have won and placed on the line, undersadddle and in driving shows across the country. The above list is just the ones we have been able to keep some track of. ART DECO has won or been in the top three in over 14 get of sire and sire and get breed show classes.

State of the Art
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Limited Showing due to change of trainers
State of the Art has pinned highly in lower level dressage.

Competed successfully in 3 novice level events being 1st in dressage each time.

Competed in the ribbons in hunter & jumper schooling shows.

Spectrum 1999
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3rd, 3 year old colts and geldings Morven Park

2nd, 3 year old colts and geldings VADA NOVA

2nd, 3 year old colts and geldings Dressage at Lexington

1st, 3 year old colts and geldings PVDA Prince Georges Equestrian Center.


3rd- Morven Park Breed Show, Stallions
1st- Lucia Farms Dressage Show, Pre Training level -High Score of Show 69%
1st- Lucia Farms Dressage Show, Pre Training level
1st- Looking Glass Farm Dressage Show, Training T1
2nd- Looking Glass Farm Dressage Show, Training T2
4th- VADA/NOVA Dressage & Breeding Show, Stallions
3rd-VADA/NOVA Dressage & Breeding Show, Stallions Under Saddle
1st- Fair View Equestrian Center Dressage, Training T2
2nd- Fair View Equestrian Center Dressage, Training T3
3rd- Dressage at Lexington, stallions
Excellent scores and ribbons at Dressage at Devon including:
3rd- Suitable to become a dressage horse
7th- Stallions under saddle
11th- 4yrs and older Stallions in hand with a 79.8%, 25+/- entries


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Silverwood Farm: The worlds Finest collection of Pinto Sporthorse Stallions.
Standing at Stud: Art Deco, Hall of Fame, State of the Art and Spectrum.

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