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ilverwood Farm is proud to offer our very finest from our breeding program.  We want to assure all of our clients that we will be forthright with information pertaining to all foals/horses offered here for sale.  Their history, temperament, quality and future strengths in disciplines will be made know to potential buyers.  We want our owners to be happy with their horses for many years to come and most importantly we want our horses in great homes where they will excel and shine.

All of our foals are raised with love and care, they receive tons of turn out to play and build strong muscles and bones. Even before conception, we have invested a lot of time and effort into producing our foals, we carefully choose the best crosses for our mares & stallions.  We foal all of our babies and help them with their first moments of life. We want to assure that their well planned beginnings turn into great futures.

"Showoff" now known as Arturo, 2000 colt bred/sold by Silverwood Farm, photos taken a year later with his happy owner.

(pictured at 15 months)


"If the opportunity should come up for me to have another horse I would like Mosaic another pinto warmblood sired by Deco that's of the quality of Mosaic or better. Mosaic is gorgeous and people at the center tell me this all the time. I'm absolutely enamored with Mosaic.

Thanks for breeding, raising, and selling to me such a wonderful horse."  
Carol Kennedy

For further information, a Sale DVD or video Please call 540-822-9110 fastest service or use our convenient request form: Packet request Form

For your convenience we accept Master Card Visa and Paypal.  Please click here for our easy to use fax/phone form. Please do not send credit card info via email - Thank you.

All of our youngsters are sold, but do contact us our clients have some wonderful foals available.

Miniature Australian Sheppard Puppies available! Click here to find out more.

We are offering a few of our proven broodmares for sale, Some are currently in foal and/or sell with breedings. Please check our mares page to find out more.

Our 2011 foals are offered for sale, to see our newest arrivals visit our foals page.

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photos taken 10/22/10

: 2008-7/7 Premium Oldenburg NA - Inspection High Score Filly Champion. Bay and white pinto filly By Sempatico out of Eleanor- Premium Mare book Belgian Warmblood, Eleanor competed very successfully in dressage.  Silhouette has wonderful form free jumping and is also going over small fences under saddle. She has super movement an excellent temperament and has been a breeze to start under saddle. This filly has the best temperament, she loves people and is very willing - because of this I think she would make a super juniors horse, not only would she be a super competitor, but a friend for life! This is a very elegant and pretty filly, who should be a super star and someone's horse of a lifetime.   Can also be registered  Pinto Horse and American Warmblood Society. Mature to 15.3-16 hands. SOLD


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NEW video added 11/22/10

New photos added 7/6/11

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SOLD  Starlet : PREMIUM Oldenburg 2011-5/2  Very dark bay (almost black) and white pinto.  DNA tested  HOMOZYGOUS - for Tobiano, this means she can be bred to any stallion and she will always have a pinto colored foal.   By Sempatico out of Deco's Favorite- Premium Oldenburg mare by Art Deco.  Her full siblings have been the high scoring champion foals at Oldenburg inspections, all of her siblings have gone premium. This is a very elegant and pretty filly, correct conformation and super temperament-loves people! Can also be registered   Pinto Horse and American Warmblood Society.   Mature to 15.3-16.1 hands. SOLD 

New Photos added 10/18
New video added
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photos taken 6/10/11

SOLD congratulations Jenelle!
Splendor SWF : PREMIUM Oldenburg 2011-6/3 bay and white filly. Is being DNA tested possibly HOMOZYGOUS Tobiano/pinto By Sempatico out of Decoupage- Main Mare book Oldenburg by Art Deco.    This is a very elegant and lovely filly, correct conformation incredible movement! This beautiful filly will excel in any discipline and if homozygous as a broodmare can be bred to any stallion in the world and will produce a pinto foal. Excellent temperament  This filly is wonderful in everyway. She can also be registered  Pinto Horse and American Warmblood Society.   Mature to 16.1-16.3 hands.  

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Please also visit our breeders classifieds section to see listings of offspring offered for sale by our breeders.

Purchasing a Silverwood Farm foal before it is born...It basically works this way: a buyer picks out the one of Silverwood Farm's mare who's currently in foal to one of our stallions.  They purchase the foal she is currently carrying, this comes with a live foal guarantee-if the mare doesn't deliver a live foal who can stand and nurse, the breeding is repeated.  Silverwood Farm cares for, boards and foals the mare.  The resulting foal is the buyers upon it standing and nursing.  Silverwood Farm keeps the foal until weaning time (about 5 -6 months) Silverwood Farm boards the mare and foal at no cost to the buyer.  Costs the buyer is responsible for are all foal vet bills, farrier bills, worming, etc. for the foal once it is determined that it fulfilled the live foal guarantee.  Upon weaning the buyer gets to take home their new foal, without all the hassles of getting the mare infoal, boarding and caring for her for 11 months and then caring for the foal until weaning.  Our mares consist of an outstanding selection of Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Arabian and Pinto Sporthorse mares.  Prices start at: $6500 until January 1, 2004 then prices are subject to change or certain mare & stallion breedings/in utero foals maybe pulled from sale.

In utero foal sales Silverwood Mares

Breeders to our stallions take note...if your mare has not caught or has lost a pregnancy and you are interested in an inutero purchase, we will deduct your stud fee and booking from price (this would nullify a rebreeding).
Look for this symbol on the mares page to know which mares have in utero foals that are offered for sale.

Also visit our congrats page to see more offspring and sales horses who have sold

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SOLD congratulations Jenness!
Sequin SWF
2011-4/30 PREMIUM Oldenburg Bay and white filly.  By Sempatico out of Celebration - Main Mare book Oldenburg by First Class out of imported Hanoverian mare. Celebration is one of my best producing mares with her foals going high score champions of their inspections. This is a really special filly and maybe a keeper for me! Super temperament, very nice filly and can't get enough of people loves attention.   Can also be registered Pinto Horse and American Warmblood Society. Mature to 16.2+-17 hands. SOLD

More photos and video coming soon


All Prices subject to change without notice

Do you have a colored sporthorse for sale? View our classifieds - open to any sport horse of color i.e.: pintos, paints, appaloosas, creams, palominos, etc.

Breeders Classifieds - do you have a foal or horse by our stallions? that you want to sell? list it in our breeders classifieds free of charge, open to any offspring by Art Deco, Sempatico, Hall of Fame, State of the Art and Spectrum.


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