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ilverwood Farm is proud to be hosting inspections in 2009 for the following organizations: 

Tuesday August 30th 2011

Start time: 10AM- paper work starts at 9AM

ISR/Oldenburg NA
517 DeKalb Ave
Sycamore, IL 60178
815-899-7803 phone,
815-899-7823 fax

Thursday July 8th 2011

Start time: *8AM - time change due to heat and schedule flights for jury

Oldenburg Horse Breeders' Society
Holly Simensen

150 Hammocks Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33413

We are not hosting this year for RPSI, but you can visit their site to find your closest inspection location

5428 46th Street
Riverside, CA 92509
Phone: 909-683-8215
Fax: 909 683-6671

We prefer entries submitted via the on-line quick form, but you may also be required to fill out and mail entries for the various registries, if so they will be marked with a * Please take a moment even if you are mailing in an entry to fill out our on-line form, thank you!

Inspection Directory

on-line sign up form will be available 1 month prior to inspections
Enter Online via Quick Form
Print and Mail Entry Form

Inspection check list | Tentative schedule
Presentation of horses |

Inspection Guidelines for Breeders
Guidelines for Approval of Mares and Stallions

Inspection Photos
Photos by Peggy Smith & Laura Cotterman of many of the horses who participated are available on line for purchase, click link above to go.

Oldenburg NA

 International Sporthorse Registry


Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society


For further information, a DVD or video which has all of our stallions on it  please call 540-822-9110 fastest service or use our convenient request form: Packet request Form

For your convenience we accept Master Card Visa and Paypal.  Please click on cards for our easy to use fax/phone form. Please do not send credit card info via email - Thank you.



Dear Mare/Foal Owner, Spectator:

Thank you for your inquiry about our 2010 Oldenburg & RPSI inspections. We are pleased to be hosting our 17th Inspection for Old/ISR, our 8th Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society inspection.. We are happy to say that our past inspections were quite successful and we had a lovely turn out of both horses and people and we hope to have you join us for this years inspections, either as a participant or a spectator.


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Our tentative schedule is:

Mares without foals for inspection

Mares with foals for inspection

Foals of 2010 for inspection that are with those mares

(we generally have two foal "classes" because of the number of entries every year.)

Foals of 2010 for inspection who’s dams are already approved.

Candidate premium foal call back-Please bear in mind that only a few premium candidates will actually be awarded premium foal. Being a premium candidate in itself does not necessarily mean your foal will be awarded premium status. Every year we have people get upset because their foals are candidates, but do not go premium. A 7.5 is an excellent score and its great if a foal is a candidate-the call back helps the judges pick the best of the best so again remember if your foal goes premium Congratulations, if not you still have a very good score!

Yearling and older foals for inspection

Branding and Paperwork

Its always a lot of work, really really hot, a long day and exhausting, but lots of fun, we meet great people, see good horses and learn a few things too.

Elizabeth Potter-Hall
Silverwood Farm


Check list for participants in inspection
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Please notify the host about

Number of mares to be inspected
Number of foals to be registered
Number of yearlings and older for registration
Stables needed
Handler(s) needed
Grooming help (e.g. for braiding)Ask for directions, hotel, etc.

Documents and information you need:
(charge of $30.00 for incomplete paperwork)

A current
NEGATIVE COGGINS, excluded are foals at dams side under 6 months of age


wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Original registration paper and a complete copy of the papers for the Registry

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Official 4-generation pedigree (ISR charges $20.00, if not provided)


wNail.jpg (2641 bytes)  ISR/Oldenburg registration number of the dam (or copy of the Mare Book certificate) if already registered (otherwise see document requirements for mares)

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes)  Original breeding certificate for every foal, signed by the stallion owner and the veterinarian who did the insemination

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes)  Information about the exact breeding dates ( should appear on the breeding certificate)

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) And the correct date of birth

For YEARLINGS and older:

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) LETTER OF PARENT VERIFICATION plus everything listed under FOALS.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Please contact the host only with all information about the number of horses you’ll bring, your needs regarding stabling, handling, directions, etc.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) For any information you need about the eligibility of registration , inspection procedure, etc. please call the ISR office only or leave a detailed message with our voice mail system, if all lines are busy. We will then get all the information to you as soon as possible.

Presentation of Mares and/or Foals
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wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Handlers should enter when the jury indicates, and bring the horse to stand in front of the jury with the left side toward the jury. The handler should stand in front of the horse and position the horse in an open stance which allows the jury to see all four legs. The handler should, of course, be aware of the safety of the jury.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) When the jury indicates, the handler should lead the horse at the walk straight away from the jury and from the end of the triangle, return to the jury. Both horse and handler should "stride out", the goal being to show good length of stride and correct rhythm. The reins should be carried in the right hand. Horses should be turned to the right with the handler staying on the outside of the horse.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) When the jury indicates, the handler should lead the horse at the trot in clockwise direction around the triangle. The handler should be able to run with enough speed to match the natural stride of the horse. The goal of the handler is to present the horse to its best advantage - there are no penalties for breaking gait, not staying on the triangle, stopping or not stopping at the end of each side.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Mares with weanlings on side should be brought to stand in front of the jury first. The weanling should be on a halter and have its own handler. When the jury indicates, the handler may turn the weanling loose. The handler of the mare should lead the mare at the trot in clockwise direction around the triangle. The weanling should stay inside and trot loose on the mare's side. It is the goal to show the weanling to its best advantage at the trot. The mare will not influence the judgment of the weanling. There are no penalties for breaking gait, stopping, turning around etc. of the weanling during presentation.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) In general handlers should not be overly sensitive to advise from the jury which is aimed to the best possible presentation of the horses. Owners should consider to hire a professional handler (available at most inspection sites) if they are not experienced and comfortable in showing horses.

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) As a courtesy to the jury and the spectators, handlers and anyone who will be entering the ring should wear a green ISR shirt or red OLDENBURG shirt or your 'all one color' farm shirt and white pants or alternatively white (ISR) shirt and dark blue pants. (to order ISR or OLDENBURG shirts). We suggest comfortable running shoes. All horses should be properly groomed and braided (weanlings optional).

Would you like to use the above image on your site? Please click here for further information

ISR/OLD NA SCORING of Mares and Foals

Criterias for Scoring Mares

(Scoring system on a basis of 1-10)

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Head
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Neck
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Saddle position
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Frame
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Forelegs
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Hindlegs
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Breed, sex type
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Walk in hand
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Swing, elasticity
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Correctness of gaits
wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Overall impression/development

Premium mares
with a score of at least 105 points (with no individual score less than 6 points) will receive a premium mare plaque.

Criteria's for Scoring Foals

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Conformation, type, correctness

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) wing, elasticity and athletic ability of movement

wNail.jpg (2641 bytes) Overall impression and development as related to age

Premium foals with a score of at least 8.0 points will receive a premium foal plaque.

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