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Photo Suzanne Sturgill
Photo Suzanne Sturgill
Photo Mary Phelps
Photo Suzanne Sturgill

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I'm heart broken to announce the passing of our beloved foundation stallion Art Deco. He was 30 years old and has been an outstanding individual. He seemed to be in good health and today was fine, ate all his breakfast, hay and was acting
like his good old self. I found him deceased when I went to do barn chores this evening. His passing seemed peaceful, I'm assuming a heart attack. I acquired him when he was 4 years old from Anne Gribbons who imported him from Holland. He competed through Grand Prix level with rider James Koford and was the first pinto Warmblood stallion in the USA to be approved into the main Warmblood books. He has sired 100's of approved offspring and will live on through his get. He was the basis of everything I have done with my horses and breading program, I am heart broken, but am thankful that he live a long and happy life and that his passing was peaceful.

Photo Suzanne Sturgill




Imported Dutch WB
16.2 hh, 1983, Blk/w pinto
Approved by:
Oldenburg and ISR / / Star.gif (71 bytes)/Star.gif (71 bytes)/Star.gif (71 bytes)

Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International
Oldenburg Verband
Elite American WB
Elite IRC
Pinto Horse Assoc.
Canadian WB - Silver Medal


A - approved Dutch WB 
Dk Bay/w Pinto
Ster, pref. prest
Ster, pref. prest
Ster, pref.

  • Approved: Oldenburg N.A. & ISR  /  /*/*/*

  • Approved: Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar  (RPSI) Book I

  • Approved: Oldenburg Verband/Oldenburg Breeders Society

  • Elite and O-Elite International Registry of Colored Horses

  • Elite American Warmblood Soc.

  • Pinto Horse Assoc.

  • Canadian Sporthorses-Silver medal rate

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Art Deco information

See more of Art Deco on his Photo Album page

Art Deco
has not only proved his ability in the show ring, he is also proving to be a top sporthorse sire. He has earned three prestigious star awards and is an Elite stallion. Art Deco has competed successfully in Grand Prix Dressage, Hunters, Eventing and Jumpers. He is truly one of the foremost sporthorse stallions in the country today.  He is one of the VERY few pinto Warmblood stallions in the WORLD to compete at the above mentioned levels.  He was the first pinto stallion in the world approved for breeding by the Oldenburg Verband via ISR/OLD NA in 1993, opening the door for all future colored horses and their offspring (including Sambers) to be registered/approved in to German registries such as Oldenburg.  Breeders would be hard pressed to find another stallion with such outstanding credentials.

Art Deco is one of those rare individuals who can combine an extremely heavy breeding schedule with showing and training.  His temperament is outstanding.  We ask a lot of him and he always comes through for us.  Our operation is small and the stallions live in an 8 stall barn with each other along with mares and foals.  Our breeding dummy is also housed in the same barn-in the indoor arena - this is asking a lot of any stallion and all of our boys handle the situation well.  All of the stallions are very quick learners and love to work and show.

Gelding by Art Deco 
competing at FEI Level
 Art Deco  is the foundation sire of pinto sporthorses in the United States. He is approved Oldenburg/ISR, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Oldenburg Verb., AWS and IRC.  His progeny are winning, he has champion offspring in Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing and Combined Driving. Breeders, owners and trainers comment of the willingness and trainability of his offspring and what a joy they are to work with.  He throws 75% pinto colored offspring. He is a top producer of premium offspring for ISR, Oldenburg and RPSI. He also has produced numerous stallion sons and premium mares that are continuing his legacy, including offspring exported to Europe/Germany one of which, a stallion son who was approved by the ZfDP.  Art Deco has consistently been ranked in the top ten for ALL Dutch Warmbloods producing USDF and ASHA rated performance horses. 

Art Decos sire Samber received a rare 10 for temperament and trainability in Holland. Samber competed very successfully through Grand Prix Dressage and at the Z levels jumpers. Samber has been in the top 15 for producing dressage horses in Holland (out of over 400 stallions) and in the top 100 for producing jumpers. Zorba, Art Deco’s dam is a ster, preferent, prestantie mare which is some of the highest ratings a Dutch mare can have.

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Art Deco is consistently at the top of the list for (out of 150+); DRESSAGE SIRES for USAE congrats to Deco and all his wonderful offspring!

9/20/2007 Art Deco is the sire of Viva Las Vegas - Honored as Highest-Placed American Bred  Congrats to his breeder: Jeri Yarbrough  and his owner/trainer/rider: Shannon Dahmer.   Shannon purchased Vegas when he was 5 months old.  Read more about this at Dressage Daily

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